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Clubhouse describes itself as a “space for casual, drop-in audio conversations—with friends and other interesting people around the world.” Simply put, Clubhouse is an audio-only social media app. It’s a mashup of networking, influencer marketing, podcasting, panel discussions and webinars. Sorry Android users, Clubhouse is only available on iOs… for now.

He said that he’d need to look at the company’s financials before determining if it was a sound investment, but could see others his age being interested. Dozens of influencer houses have arrived in the Los Angeles area over the last year, and the companies that run them have been searching for sustainable business models. Social media entrepreneurs have rushed to find ways to make money from stars on popular platforms like TikTok. West of Hudson Group, for one, operates a network of content houses where many prominent young influencers live.

Tiktok Mansions Are Publicly Traded Now

Clubhouse blew up this weekend on VC Twitter as people scrambled for exclusive invites, humblebragged about their membership, or made fun of everyone’s FOMO. The name Clubhouse perfectly captures how people long to be part of the in-crowd. That’s the idea powering a fresh batch of social startups poised to take advantage of our cleared schedules amidst quarantine. But they could also change the way we work and socialize long after COVID-19 by bringing the free-flowing, ad-hoc communication of parties and open office plans online. While “Live” has become synonymous with performative streaming, these new apps instead spread the limelight across several users as well as the task, game, or discussion at hand. As you spend more time on the app, look at the people and clubs followed by the people you follow to find others that might interest you.

Your moderation will hold a strong influence over the conversation and energy within the room. Every Clubhouse room is run differently depending on the topics being discussed and the way the moderators want to run it. In larger rooms, moderators will often bring a limited number of people up to the stage and ask them to limit their question or insights to a couple of minutes.

What Is Clubhouse And Why Should Live Streamers Use It?

Participants use Clubhouse by setting up a profile and following people and Clubs (theme-specific groups) based on their interests, just as you would on other social media apps. After you’ve started following people and Clubs, you can see when these people or groups are hosting or participating in chats. You can listen to the discussion, raise your hand to contribute or schedule and host your own chats — on anything you want. If you’re anything like us, you’ve been seeing conversations about the voice chat-based social media app Clubhouse popping up everywhere lately—but you may have no idea what it is.

  • Choose from over 1000 apps and integrations to instantly streamline your processes.
  • Online platforms have also long struggled with curbing harmful or graphic live content on their sites.
  • While the self-definition of the application is in the form of voice chat rooms, it has an environment where real voices are used.
  • If the room grows very large, it gets difficult to follow along with who’s speaking.
  • BizBash chatted with some active users to answer your burning questions.

Yet this actually happened to me through the new social media app Clubhouse, when I entered a virtual discussion room hosted by a Chabad rabbi. What ensued was an intriguing dialogue that has left me contemplating the potential of this application for learning, dialogue and outreach. Additionally, although Clubhouse doesn’t allow users to record, many either downloaded screen-recording apps or filmed their phones with another video recording device. Because of this, Musk and Tenev’s conversation was covered by the media within hours. Certain generations, like Gen Z,crave authenticity from people and brands they followon social media.

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