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Plus it tracks your spend so you know how much you have spent in a month and when you reach certain amounts you get more money off. We love shopping at Lidl and now there’s the app it makes it is even better. We love all the products and prices, and when there’s special occasions like Easter, Summer, Halloween and Christmas there are so many lovely things. My husband loves all the DIY offers and so much more .

  • Think pasta from Italy, chocolate from Germany and cured meats from Spain.
  • It has pulled ahead of its German rival Aldi with a market share of 12 per cent.
  • Then the cashier scanned a wholemeal loaf after entering a code and it rang up £52.50 for 70 loaves.
  • I don’t like the way the money off comes in bits and pieces.
  • The pick of the week offers at the time of writing include fillet steaks reduced from £4.49 to £3.69 and aubergines down from 65p to 45p.

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They constantly change the rotas with almost no notice, so can’t plan out of work activities. Don’t finish on time very often Colleagues often call in sick you normally work one person down. The German discount chain said it booked sales of £6.9bn in the year to 29 February 2020. Christian Härtnagel, the chief executive of Lidl GB, said the retailer would not be investing in home delivery despite a surge in demand for online grocery ordering during the pandemic.

They told me that they are a German company and don’t accept trade unions. Well, I answered that they’re operating here in Ireland and that they surely are under Irish law. At the start the job looks attractive but honest the reason they pay good salary is because no one stays working there a long time!! And the reason there is opportunity to progress is because so many people burn out from the job and leave.


Especially during the current corona pandemic, a new form of contactless payment could be well received by customers. The Lidl– chain poses with Lidl Pay a payment function by App in prospect. In Germany, it will soon be possible to pay via app in Lidl branches. You are given so many more hours you were originally contracted to and guilt-tripped into coming into work on your days off. Always understaffed The welcome event makes you feel like you are joining some sort of cult, they make you feel like you should appreciate that you’re being paid because of their low-profit margins.

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