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Get crystal sharp video quality with the super infrared night vision plus Sony IMX 323 sensors in the dash cam. The Pruveeo C2 is a great option if you are looking for a lower priced cam that has all the necessary features. The cabin camera has not one but four infrared lights to capture clear video at night. Loop recording is another feature on this dash cam and will continue to record seamlessly. The G-sensor auto detects collisions and will save those files and prevent them from being deleted.

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Many of those regulations concern the placement and use of the dash cam rather than the device itself, but you’ll want to check any possible restrictions in your area before putting one in your car. Dash cam manufacturer Nextbase has this comprehensive guide to regulations in the U.S. Take a look below at quick info of the top five dash cams, then scroll down for buying advice and more in-depth reviews. DPReview has been leading the way in digital camera reviews and information since 1999, and this page is your launch pad for all our camera-related content. You’ll find everything you need to choose – and get the most from – your digital camera on these pages. Generally, the best dash cams available on the market turn on when you start your engine.

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We know you are a professional Uber or Lyft driver but, it’s still easy to get into accidents or arguments inside or outside your car. Peace of mind can be achieved if you have a good dashcam handy, especially those with both front and rear cameras. Having a wide viewing angle feature will eliminate blind spots, but for a dual cam, it’s normal for the interior cam to have a lower range. The interior of your cabin is only so big, so there isn’t a need for a super wide-angle lens for the cabin camera. With a wide-angle lens, you could record any accident clearly. Whether or not you’re a rideshare driver, this is the angle range needed to have minimal blind spots. Some dash cams even have close to 360 degree angles, such as the Vantrue N2 Pro which has 170-degree angle field of view.

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Bear in mind that the video may be taken in a climate other than yours where visibility is different. Still, reviewing demo clips is a good way to gauge what to expect from a given car camera model. Your car’s headlights aren’t powerful enough to help a car camera see in the dark. For that, you’ll need a car camera with a night vision feature. The images won’t be as clear as they are in daylight, but you can still easily see everything your camera is picking up.

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If you do a lot of driving at night – or any driving at night, really – portal.down4you.software/ consider night vision a must-have feature. Mounts tightly to standard rearview mirror, offering an anti-glare mirror plus LED video screen. Front-facing dash cam has a wide viewing angle; rear-facing camera included. A front dash cam will likely be enough for most folks’ needs, but adding a rear-facing one to the mix can be worthwhile if you want to make sure you don’t miss any potential incidents. Wirecutter reviewers found Papago’s GoSafe S810 to be the best affordable dual-camera option in their testing.

It also has the ability to store up to 256GB on an external SD-Card . Loop recording will erase the older videos for you to free up space and record continuously. This feature makes the best use of the space on your SD card. For any rideshare driver full HD is the minimum resolution you’d want to get. Other dash cams at higher price points have 2K or 4K resolution, which is of course better, but not entirely necessary. If you want to view your car camera’s videos on a smartphone, buy a model that is WiFi enabled. This will give you an idea of the camera’s quality in real-world conditions.

The Q800 comes with a 32 GB micro SD card, but you can also subscribe to cloud-based storage. The camera has Wi-Fi, enabling easy transfer of footage to your phone. The optional rear camera ($100) is external and wired, which means that you can put it wherever you want in your car, but you’ll have to hide an extra cable. The forward camera’s Sony Starvis image sensor can also enhance resolution in low-light conditions. Its mounting bracket uses double-sided 3M tape, so make sure your mounting position works before you apply—once it’s on there, it’s not going anywhere. In the latter case, we focused on reviews where a majority of customers gave the dash cams four out of five stars or more, which we used to calculate our Consumer Score. While dash cams are becoming more commonplace, there can be some legal issues with using them that vary from state to state .

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