Here’S How People Make Money From Viral Videos

It’s kind of crazy how I am driving 101,683 views a month just from my own site. And here is an overview of how I generated those views. Although my total YouTube view count is at 7.6 million, on a monthly basis my view count ranges between 600,000 to 700,000 organic views. Before that period, I did upload 2 other videos, but they were uploaded for ad purposes.

However, as many entrepreneurs will tell you, creating your own business requires massive upfront costs and low revenue in the beginning. A different way of looking at your savings is to view them as taxes.

And if your video isn’t engaging enough, you won’t do well. Focus on click-through-rate – Similar to Google search, YouTube looks at click-through-rate. From using video thumbnails that pop to creating compelling headlines, you want to get people to click on your video or anyone else’s. Upload text-based transcripts – Although YouTube can somewhat decipher what your video is about, they don’t rely on it. They want you to manually upload a transcription of each video.

Whether it’s starting a business or investing in stocks, every avenue to making money requires some risk. Even selling your old furniture requires you taking the risk that the buyer will show up and will pay you. It is a comparatively small risk when compared to deciding whether to spend millions of dollars on a new product line, but it is still a risk.

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Once you pay your taxes, you never get the whole amount back. Set money aside in a savings account or transfer it to a totally separate account where you cannot touch it. Treat your savings like money that you will never get back, until the day that you get it all back at once. Adding value to yourself is a good foundation to begin your journey to being rich. Develop some knowledge or skills that justify someone paying you a good amount of money.

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  • Consistently releasing videos on the same day and time not only tells your audience when they can expect your new content, but it gives you a schedule to work with and abide by.
  • Set a schedule as to when you will release your videos and try to stick to it.
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This will help them determine what your video is about and rank you for the right terms. If you are too lazy to manually transcribe your videos, use Rev. It’s only a dollar per minute. The amount of traffic just varies on the type of videos you create… educational videos tend to generate the most from YouTube search. No matter what kind of videos you create, you can always generate traffic from YouTube search, similar to how I am.

But the one thing that I am certain about is that unless you have tons of views , the ad income isn’t that great. Depending on what vertical you are in, some monetize better than others when it comes to ads. Keep people on YouTube – YouTube doesn’t want people to leave YouTube. Sending people off to your site early on will hurt you.

I was using them to drive registrations youtube desktop to a webinar (which didn’t work as well as I had hoped). I have videos that are as short as 2 minutes, and I have others that are over 30 minutes. If you haven’t already seen my YouTube videos, you can check them out here . This means creating videos, watching other’s videos and interacting with them.

Becoming rich does not only require external factors to fall into place — many personality factors have to align for you to succeed at whatever venture you’ve started. Staying humble and grateful for the progress you’ve made at every step of the way is essential. This is much easier said than done, but the last four steps lay the groundwork to be able to start your own business. If you have a knack for business or want to be your own boss, this can be a great step to making some money.

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