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Just because an outstanding author receives their 250,000 phrase place odyssey with their goldfish as the protagonist revealed everybody assumes word counts irrelevant. Page number is a terrible way to estimate word depend as it depends on the sizing of the web pages, the font size, the font made use of (spacing, leading etcetera). So to be specific – Shantaram is 292,640 text.

The Mountain Shadow is 272,800 words and phrases. So sure all are beneath three hundred,000 phrases, but barely. btw supplied that the phrase depend of Shantaram and 1Q84 are specifically the identical I do have a small amount of question of the veracity of the source, but I am guaranteed it’s close. Most released textbooks regular closer to 300 words and phrases for every website page than 200.

The King James Bible is above 780,000 words and phrases. At Donald Maass’s Breakout Novel weeklong workshop, this question about word depend was asked, and I default to Donald’s reply just about every time. Word depend isn’t going to issue and isn’t really the situation. A novel must be as prolonged as it desires to be (exact with nonfiction) and no for a longer period and no shorter. The plot decides the size. As a writing coach and copyeditor, I see a large amount of manuscripts appear across my desk.

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Those that are written nicely see success, regardless of size. There are lots of examples of extremely long publications in just about each genre. I a short while ago completed a novel that is darkish comedy/women’s fiction and it arrived in at 153,000 words. My agent enjoys it and claims it really is terrific and is excited about likely profits. She’s a major NY literary agent who’s been on the scene for many years.

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She produced no point out of the word rely, nor did she suggest I lower the e book down. And that’s since every single line of each scene is packed comprehensive of hilarity and serves a plot that moves at a fast clip. So, I wouldn’t get all worked up about phrase rely.

Certain publishers of really precise genres (like Love Impressed, Harlequin) will require a established word count or variety, but my to start with bit of information is to plot out a sturdy, sound story employing time-tested framework, generate the e-book with mindful and pro crafting (find out to be a good wordsmith and produce your exceptional voice), and disregard the constraints of word depend. Just compose a fantastic ebook. I daresay if you do, no just one will even recognize your word count (until you are seeking to get into a publisher’s imprint that has unique term rely necessities). Hooray for you – great tale tightly written using correct craft is as very long as it desires to be. Another guideline that some authors could find valuable is how the diverse lengths could translate into a screenplay without key additions to or omissions from the integral storyline:A limited story could offer substance for a single plan-duration tv episode, a novella for a motion picture, and a entire-size novel for a mini-series.

Not that it is by any means not possible to expand or deal as needed for a diverse match, but that will give a sense of how substantially “substance” is in every single. Whatever you publish, I desire you achievement with all your jobs!Trish O’Connor Proprietor, Epiclesis Consulting LLC Editorial Providers and Writer’s Resources epiclesisconsulting.

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